Okay... lets do this.
I'm Brittany! I'm a Louisville wedding photographer specializing in personalized wedding photography and lifestyle photography. I'm married to my dream guy with three kiddos... 5, 6 and 17 years old. 

I absolutely love weddings and getting to share in the experience of someone's happiest moments. I also like being bossy with a smile sometimes, so this totally fits that need for me, and my clients are very thankful! I grew up in Lexington so I enjoy getting to travel back home and see what wedding venues and vendors they have to offer.
I really just love making people happy almost to a fault, and photography has just been a great way to do that. My room as a teen was plastered with photos from floor to ceiling... I love how a photo has the ability to take you back to a special moment.

Your wedding photographer is the vendor that you spend the most time with on the actual wedding day, so it's a very important decision. Your photographer will also dictate how you remember your wedding. I try to shoot in a style that reflects the careful planning and feel of the wedding.
I've photographed weddings and engagement sessions all over the country! Love traveling, wink wink... ;) I've recently fallen in love with Destin/Fort Walton Beach Florida, and I adore shooting weddings there!

Thanks so much for stopping by and considering me! I'd love to be your photographer. 
Brittany Murphy Underwood
Things I love: 
iced coffee + my mini schnauzer - Greta + club sandwiches + candles + lavender 
Michael Bublé + champagne + yeti cups + snowflakes + all things mid-century modern + twinkle lights + my Husband's beard
The cute one in the middle is my niece!
The cute one in the middle is my niece!
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